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Sigma Alpha stands for Sisters in Agriculture. Although the majority of us belong to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources we love to expand our roots and accept women of any major. We are a professional sorority and take pride promoting scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship among all sisters.
The sorority was founded in 1978 at the Ohio State University by five women who wanted an alternative to the social Greek sorority system. Since that time, Sigma Alpha has become a national organization consisting of more than 80 chapters, comprised of undergraduate and alumni members. Today, more than 7,000 members have been initiated into Sigma Alpha Sorority. We're growing steadily as others in agriculture learn about us.

The Sigma Alpha Theta Chapter at the University of Tennessee was founded on October 7, 1990. We were the eighth Sigma Alpha Chapter founded in the nation.

Fall Initiation 2011

Some facts about Sigma Alpha:

  • Our national philantrhopy is Ag in the Classroom
  • Our colors are Emerald and Maize
  • Our jewel is the Emerald
  • Our flower is the Yellow Chrysanthemum
  • Our mascot is Perry the Baby Bull

The objective of Sigma Alpha is to promote its members in all facets of agriculture, and to strengthen the bonds of friendship among them. It is the purpose of its members to strive for achievement in scholarship, leadership and service and to further the development of excellence in women pursuing careers in agriculture.

The Theta chapter is located in the 7th region along with schools from Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here are links to the other schools in Region 7

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